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PlaySmart has built a set of tools to help you personalize your play, and keep the fun in the game.

My PlaySmart Tools

My PlaySmart Tools help you customize your time and money budgets, understand your play habits, or take a break when you need it. Learn how My PlaySmart Tools help keep the fun in your game.

You can find the following tools in the My PlaySmart Tools section of your account.

My Play Customizer

My Play Customizer gives players control to customize their time and money budgets, making it easier to stick to a plan. For more information on how these features work, visit the My Play Customizer page.

My Play Profile

Think you know your play habits? Answer nine simple questions to know more. Visit  My PlaySmart Tools to start the quiz.

My Play History 

My Play History uses your play behaviour and patterns to identify any habits that might be affecting your fun. Visit  My PlaySmart Tools to see your Play History.

My PlayBreaks

If playing isn’t feeling fun, you can take a Play Break from one day up to three months. If you want to stop playing for a longer period, you can register for our  My PlayBreak program.