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Want to know how games at Charitable Gaming Centres really work?

You’re in the right place.

You might know some bingo basics, but Charitable Gaming Centres offer so much more: cabinet games, eBingo games, break-open tickets and site-specific event games: but how does it all work?  

Here’s a breakdown of the main types of games at OLG Charitable Gaming Centres:

Session Bingo

Match combinations of letters and numbers on a gridded card to the combinations drawn – and to be the first to fill in a specific pattern on the card. Choose to play Paper Bingo, Electronic Bingo (eBingo) or both.

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Group vs Solo: Group


Score a winning combination of symbols on your screen, which represent either a winning electronic bingo or break open game, depending on which game you play. 

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Group vs Solo: Solo

Play on Demand (POD) Games

POD games are personal Bingo games you play against the computer. POD games can be played before, during or after paper and electronic Bingo sessions.

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Group vs Solo: Solo

Break Open Tickets

Match the symbols under the perforated windows to the winning combinations on the front of the ticket. Some winning tickets are turned in for cash prizes and others are used to play along with Bingo games for extra prizing.  Also known as Event Tickets.

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Group vs Solo: Solo

Bingo: Three Styles to Play

Paper Session Bingo

The classic game where you mark or “dab” paper cards as letter-number combinations are randomly selected and announced by a live caller. Play one strip or multiple strips and be the first to fill in a line or specific pattern, then call “Bingo!” to win. 

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Electronic Bingo (eBingo)

eBingo is a modern version of the traditional paper bingo. Played on an electronic screen, the computer automatically “daubs” the numbers for you. All you have to do is follow along and yell “Bingo!” when you’ve matched the specific pattern.

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Turbo Challenge Bingo

Turbo Challenge Bingo is a fast-paced game that can keep even the most experienced bingo player on their toes. Numbers are called every few seconds and players are challenged to follow along, swiping their numbers to match the specific pattern. 

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TAP 'N PLAY: Two Ways to Play


If you want to play TAP 'N PLAY games in an area away from the activity of session bingo, then choose the cabinets typically located in their own area in Charitable Gaming Centres. Just load the device with cash or a voucher, then choose your wager and tap away! You can play anytime—before, during or after a session.

eBingo Terminal

You can play TAP 'N PLAY  games on the eBingo Terminals used by electronic bingo session players, and choose to play in between sessions, at intermission or during live Bingo games. After purchasing electronic credits at the point of sale counter, you’ll set a password and be provided with a player ID. Then, when you sit down at an empty eBingo Terminal, just enter your player ID and password.

Cost of Play

Games at Charitable Gaming Centres range in price and can vary by Centre. See Customer Service at the Centre for game information.

Playing bingo?  Bingo session packages can range from around $25 to over $100. Contact the Charitable Gaming Centre near you for Bingo session times and packages available.

Playing TAP 'N PLAY? Bets vary by game but typically range from less than $1 to max bets that cost $2 or more.

No matter how you play, set a budget. A few taps on a TAP 'N PLAY game could quickly add up.


Bingo games:

Players who mark off all the spaces needed for a winning pattern must yell “Bingo!” in order to win. If the caller moves on to the next number, before you do, your win may be ineligible. 

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The “Max Bet” is the most expensive bet that you can choose on a TAP 'N PLAY game. In most games the Progressive jackpot can only be won by playing the Max Bet.

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There are two types of jackpot or top prizes, depending on the game.

Fixed Prize Jackpots

  • Some Bingo games have a fixed prize listed on the session program which is unaffected by the number of players. It may be split among multiple winners 

  • Some TAP 'N PLAY games have a set top prize. 

Progressive Jackpots

  • Some Bingo games feature progressive jackpot prizes, which start with a base amount and then increase. Not every progressive game will have a winner, so the prize pot will increase until a player wins, and it may be split among multiple winners. 

  • Some TAP 'N PLAY games feature a growing progressive jackpot that is available on select games. If playing a multi-price progressive game, you must bet the maximum to be eligible to win the progressive jackpot on most games.

Odds of Winning

Odds tell you how likely something is to happen. Bingo odds are different than many lottery and casino games because the odds change based on the number of cards sold. 

The odds of winning Bingo are based on two factors:

  1. The number of cards in play

  2. The number of balls drawn

In Bingo, the more cards in play, the lower the odds of winning. The odds are calculated by taking the number of cards you’re playing divided by the total number of cards in play. So, if 100 cards are in play and you have 1 card, your chances of winning are 1 in 100.

Learn more about how odds work for Bingo or TAP 'N PLAY.

Keeping it Unpredictable

All Charitable Gaming Centres games are designed and regulated to provide a random outcome. It keeps each game fair, fun and unpredictable.

Session Bingo

Blasts of air blow numbered balls around in the bingo ball machine and balls are randomly blown into a tube one-by-one. The caller will announce the selected ball.

TAP ‘N PLAY (Bingo Style)

All results are based on an unpredictable bingo game outcome, displayed by video animation for entertainment only

TAP 'N PLAY (Break-Open Style)

All results are based on an unpredictable break open ticket outcome, displayed by video animation for entertainment only.

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